Thursday, January 31, 2013

Replace windows accounts with FBA accounts + SharePoint 2010

Recently I worked on  migration project Moss 2007 to SharePoint 2010.
My requirements like Remove all windows accounts and Replace windows accounts with FBA accounts.

for example

I have 3 windows users in SharePoint site and they are in groups like group1, group2 group3. I hvae to create 3 users into FBA database and replace FBA users with where windows accounts are located.

for this I  have prepared a excel sheet which shows a list of users with below details

winUserName, Email, FBAloweredusername, Groups
domain1\surya1 , ,surya1, group1, group2, group3, group4;
domain1\surya2, ,surya2, group1;group4;
domain1\surya3, ,surya3, group1; group2; group3; group4;

here are the steps to follow.

1)     Add FBA users to the SharePoint site. Before writing script you have to consider below scenarios.
a.     Add users to the groups
b.     Add users to the site level who are not belong to the group.
c.     Add users to the SharePoint Lists which has unique permissions.
    2)  Remove windows users    from SharePoint site once FBA users added
    3)  Remove Local Users if they are any.

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