Thursday, May 23, 2013

missing office web apps server components in a farm SharePoint 2010

Error: Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other servers. If products or patches are missing locally, you must quit this program and install the required products and patches on this server before restarting this wizard. if products or patches are missing on other server, you must install required products and patches on specific server.

To fix this error follow below steps.

here you can see all servers patches and which server is throwing errors 

Central Admin > Upgrade and Migration > Check product and patch installation status

in this situation some times you cannot open Central Admin then check below 

1) Check all application pools are running. If not start the pools 
2)Check Web Services Site running
2) IIS server > SharePoint Central adminstation site > right click start

sometimes you might get error w3svc not running. in this case 

IIS manager > Select sites >you can see right side Action menu > start 

now you can open Central admin site.

let's say you have app1 app2 web1 web2 servers in your farm. If app2 have any errors..

Run below Powershell command

Get-SPProduct -Local

Now run the configuration wizard. It will fix your problem.

still if you have any issues run the above command in all servers.

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