Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SharePoint 2010 UAG : FormLoginDataDefinitions.xml and FormLoginCustom.xml

I followed below blog to configure single sign on in SharePoint.

Andy provided only screen shots in his blog where people cannot copy easily. So I am providing code here to copy easily.


  <SCRIPT name="SharepointFBA">
      <!-- Possible value javascript or vbscript, if javascript tag could be omitted-->
      <!-- Possible value cdata or base64, if javascript tag could be omitted-->
      <!-- Notice that searching for the element to submit is done by id, which by convention is seperated by underlines instead of dollar signs -->
      <BODY encoding="cdata">

                              function FormLoginSubmit()
                                    formsCol = document.forms;
                                    if (formsCol.length == 1)
                                          var submitbtn = document.getElementById('ctl00_PlaceHolderMain_signInControl_login');
                                          if (submitbtn)
                                    return false;


      <!-- app_id added by configurator, dont edit -->
            <!-- USAGE section is mandatory. "description=" could be "change_password" or "form_login" -->
            <USAGE description="form_login">

            <SCRIPT_NAME source="data_definition">SharepointFBA</SCRIPT_NAME>
            <!-- USER_AGENT could be of any type defined in FormLoginDataDefinitions.xml.  any, ie, netscape are used for back compatibility -->
                  <!-- AGENT_TYPE could be of any type defined in FormLoginDataDefinitions.xml -->
                  <!-- "search=group" indicates all the values in the tag USER_AGENT_GROUP from FormLoginDataDefinitions.xml -->
                  <AGENT_TYPE search="group">all_supported</AGENT_TYPE>
                  <!-- POLICY should be "multiplatform" or "limited" -->
                  <!-- use "limited" if only "change_password" takes place -->
                  <!-- the name of the function to be injected to the form. Not recomended for customization-->
                  <SCRIPT_NAME source="data_definition">FormLoginHandler</SCRIPT_NAME>
                  <!-- one of NAME or ID could be used. Value could be blank if no form search required -->
                  <!-- METHOD could be POST or GET -->
                  <!-- CONTROL handling could be "dummy_value", "app_default", "real_value", "conf_default", "user_input" -->
                  <CONTROL handling="dummy_value">
                        <!-- TYPE could only be USER_NAME, PASSWORD, DOMAIN, DOMAIN_USER, USER_PROVIDED, NEW_PASSWORD -->
                  <CONTROL handling="dummy_value">


  1. I've tried this solution and SharePoint 2013 is prompting for Forms or Windows. If I select forms it autopopulates the username as siteusr (literally). The password is all dots but I can only assume the variables for siteusr and sitepass are not being populated. Any ideas on what I should check?

  2. Following these steps for UAG 2010 SP3 and SharePoint 2013, after UAG logon it still presents a SharePoint Forms. or Windows logon. Selecting Forms it shows the SharePoint logon with username filled out as siteusr. Password is dots but I assume its plugging in sitepass. It looks like these variables are not being populated, any idea where I should check?

    1. I think its configuration issue only.

      as you said, If I select forms it autopopulates the username as siteusr (literally). and password is all dots.
      so far it is working as expected.

      check one more time below tags

      SCRIPT name="SharepointFBA"
      SCRIPT_NAME source="data_definition">SharepointFBA

      do you have this page "_forms/default.aspx" ?