Friday, July 6, 2012

SharePoint 2010 : Delete extended web application of any zone

You cannot see extended web application in the CA. you have to select default zone web application.

 you can delete extranet/intranet/internet extended web sites using below steps

Central Administration > Manage Web Applications > Select your  Web Application as shown in picture > select Delete from ribbon > Remove sharepoint from IIS website

Select IIS web site and zone to remove

Using Powershell

Remove-SPWebApplication -identity http://sitename -Zone {Default | Intranet | Internet | Internet | Custom | Extranet} -Confirm

his command removes the zone that you have specified for the Web application extension at http://sitename. This command does not remove the content databases or the IIS Web site.

Be aware that this cmdlet can be used to delete the Web application, so be sure to use the appropriate parameters.

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